• Golf

    Like an eternal spring, Madeira is, par excellence, a golf destination for the whole year. Two distinct islands feature three magnificent golf courses and an offer of accommodation, leisure and well-being that delight all golfers.

    The temperature is mild throughout the year, the intact nature offers fresh air and unforgettable walks, the gastronomy is full of flavors rich in tradition. Here, the options for spending an unforgettable vacation are endless. And they are just a few hours by plane from Europe.

    The golf tradition on this island dates back to 1937, when Englishman Miles, Leacock and Blandy build the first nine-hole golf course. On this island you can practice on one of the two courses, the Palheiro Golf and the Santo da Serra Golf Club, with 18 and 27 holes respectively, both of which are notable for the beauty and surroundings of their scenarios.

    Porto Santo Golf, located on the island of the same name, 40 km from Madeira, is a 27-hole course, designed by the famous golfer Severiano Ballesteros. With its 9 km of beach and clear waters, the island of Porto Santo invites you to take a dip after a game.

    Part of Madeira's golf tournament calendar, the 'Madeira Island Open' , an event integrated in the European PGA , which constitutes the most important golf tournament that is held annually in the region, around spring.

    Madeira has, at this moment, all the facilities to welcome golfers of all handicaps, including a superior quality hotel offer, which position the islands in a paradise for lovers of this sport and who will certainly be dazzled by the challenge of each "hole" and the surrounding landscape.

    With golf courses with qualities recognized by golfers who already choose Madeira for many years to play, in 2019 the Madeira archipelago was considered the best emerging golf destination by the World Golf Awards.

  • MIUT

    In the 2019 edition, approximately 2,600 participants participated, in a total of 45 nationalities , including leading athletes in the national and international trail panorama.

    This event will provide the full crossing of the island of Madeira in the northwest-southeast direction, from the municipality of Porto Moniz to Machico, covering the best trails on the island, namely the central massif - Encumeada - Pico Ruivo (1861 mts) - Pico do Areeiro, on a very stimulating and challenging circuit of about 115 km.

    This event also allows participation in 4 other events: the 85 km (Ultra), the 60 km, the 42 km (marathon) and the mini marathon, with 16 kms.

    That Madeira is a land of unique beauty and countless charms and challenges, no one doubts. But to experience all this wonder on the spot and actively, or at least the most spectacular scenery on this island, is only the privilege of very few.

    MIUT® - Madeira Island Ultra Trail will provide this stimulating challenge, that of crossing the island of lés-a-lés, in the northwest-southeast direction, starting in Porto Moniz, at sea level, passing through the highest points of the island and then returning to sea level again, in Machico. A trip that will take the participant to the imagination of other times where the Madeiran soul was not overcome by the vicissitudes of the island's orography.

    The 1st phase of MIUT® (night):

    It takes place in the western mountain massif, between Porto Moniz and Encumeada and is characterized by being an authentic constant up and down, with two highly challenging climbs ( Fanal and Estanquinhos) and a particularly technical descent to Chão da Ribeira, which requires extra attention. Right after the starting shot and a first ascent and descent, the passage over the mouth bridge of the ribeira da Janela (the longest in Madeira) promises to be very lively, as there are many spectators and companions who are there, making the party and giving encouragement to the athletes for the long climb towards Fanal, Reserva de Repouso and Silêncio, integrating the area of ​​Madeira Natural Park, and an idyllic place where a forest of centenary Tis predominates, some of which already existed before the discovery of the island. In the past this was the path used by the people of this municipality to go to the mountains to get firewood. The arrival at Estanquinhos marks the end of this destructive beginning and invites the participant to a long descent to São Vicente, even before the ascent to Encumeada, in which the participant will also travel trails through the lush Laurissilva forest, in an area surrounding the forest park do Chão dos Louros - area of ​​the European Network of Sites of Community Importance - Natura 2000 Network.

    The 2nd phase (Encumeada-Areeiro):

    Already in the central mountain massif, it reveals an incursion into the Curral das Freiras, once a place of refuge for nuns who fled seven feet from the corsairs' plundering, and where it starts precisely the attack on the highest peaks of the island (Pico Ruivo and Pico do Areeiro) with long and exhausting climbs, softened and partially compensated by the stunning views over the valleys, loins and finds, over the network of streams and streams that they feed the streams or, then, over a sea of ​​clouds that eventually fall over the course. The route between the Ruivo and Areeiro peaks will continue to be a hallmark, not only for its intrinsic hardness and beauty but also, for example, for being the only known place in the world where the nun of Madeira Nun (Pterodroma madeira) occurs , an endemic species on the island and considered the most threatened seabird in Europe.

    The 3rd phase:

    From the peak of Areeiro, we entered the 3rd and final phase of the race, in the eastern mountain massif, mostly descending but with some climbs in between. The passage near the Poço da Neve, a heritage built on the perimeter of the Ecological Park of Funchal, where the ice that was carried in leather bags, on the back, by courageous men who launched themselves down the slope to Funchal, was once transported. for the imaginary of other times, not too far away… In Ribeiro Frio, a mandatory tourist stop, perhaps the last big climb, worthy of the name, begins, which will take participants to the Poiso area. From here, the itinerary becomes more moving and, after passing through Portela, from where you have a superb view from the viewpoint that exists there, the participants enter into the Serra das Funduras inward, with its beautiful singletracks ornamented by large tree ferns. The technical descent from Degolada to the footpath of Larano towards Boca do Risco will certainly reveal, for those who pass there still with daylight, unforgettable views over the immensity of the clear northern sea pinching the base of the imposing cliffs that they literally fall under our feet. The terminal phase, in the Levada do Caniçal, should provide some relaxation and muscle rest, as well as allow you to admire the beautiful valley where the city of Machico fits in, the final stopping point of this trip.

    For more information see the official website of the event at:

  • Madeira Wine Rally

    The Madeira Wine Rally is one of the stages of the FIA European Rally Trophy, held on Madeira Island Portugal. It is considered one of the biggest sporting events in the region, attracting thousands of people to watch it. Traditionally, the rally takes place in the summer, in late July or early August. The Chão da Lagoa , Paul da Serra and Encumeada stages are known as the biggest driving challenges.

    The first edition of the Rali Vinho Madeira took place in 1959, but only in 1979, twenty years later, it became part of the Championship European Rally Championship, consecutively remaining on the calendar of this event since then. Between 2006 and 2010 it was also part of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge, which made possible a greater international exposure of the event, namely through the television coverage of the Eurosport group to a large number of countries.

    Until 2012 he was part of the European Rally Championship (ERC).

    The Italians Andrea Aghini, Giandomenico Basso and the Portuguese Américo Nunes Bruno Magalhães are the drivers with the highest number of victories, four each. Piero Liatti Horácio Macedo and Fabrizio Tabaton won three times each.

    The 2018 edition made history again with Alexandre Camacho being the first Madeiran driver to win the Madeira Wine Rally in a row.

    For more information see the official website of the event at:

  • Trans Madeira

    Trans Madeira is an enduro adventure on mountain biking, full of adrenaline, one of the events of the year on the international scene of BTT.

    Five days of racing, more than 200 km covered, more than 25 special stages and 120 competitors, who will travel the four corners of Madeira, in a unique event, of east to west, from north to south, experiencing different types of terrain and enjoying the opportunity to explore unique mountain bike trails.

    Mountain biking is the best way to reach new places, explore new trails and experience life at a different pace. In the last ten years, Madeira, a Portuguese island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, has paved the way to become one of the best mountain biking destinations on the planet! Great mountains, beautiful landscapes, delicious food, warm weather all year round and more than 600 years of history and culture make Madeira the best adventure and a reason to be on your wish list for years to come! Combine all of this with some of the most challenging and exclusive mountain bike trails and you will have an unforgettable run and ride.

    You will be walking in four different locations and running on different types of terrain every day! Adapt quickly or just forget that perfect tire pressure doesn't exist!

    For more information see the official website of the event at:

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